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Some of you may know that I also develop stuff for web through my company ruigehond. One of my areas of expertise is developing for WordPress. I can develop themes and plugins. Most of the time clients ask me to develop specific functionality for their WordPress website, those works are proprietary.

However, sometimes during figuring out stuff my code results in new functionality or a better way to do things than until now possible. Those plugins get released into the wild and, after approval by WordPress, are free to use by anyone in their WordPress installation.

Each domain a page

One of those plugins is each-domain-a-page, it serves a landing page (such as this) when a user goes to a domain that you own. Read all about it here:


As a developer I write clean and fast running code. Besides the actual functionality lightweightedness is most important to me. I can tell you how I optimize code, but that would be a very long story. Probably boring for you too. The proof of the pudding is in the eating: you can experience the swiftness of my code when you hire me.

After lightweightedness immediately comes maintainability. You will find that I do not use shortcuts if they hamper understanding of the code or, god forbid, introduce duplicate code. Unless it significantly speeds up execution, in which case I will clearly document what I did and why in the code.

More WordPress plugins

Currently I have two more free WordPress plugins available. A lightweight reading progress bar that you may have noticed above this page as well. Check it out:

Screenshot of this blog with the reading progress bar
Screenshot of this blog with the reading progress bar

And an easy FAQ with categories plugin I also use on my photography blog. Get it here:

Screenshot of the photography FAQ on my blog using the free FAQ with categories plugin.

Hire me…
If you need something done on your (WordPress) website, or you need a new one altogether, drop me a line: hallo-at-ruigehond-dot-nl.
I know php intimately (using and managing it on Ubuntu + MySql and on CentOS + Postgresql) as well as javascript (also jquery) and css. As far as tastes go, I prefer vanilla. 😉

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